Discover a 30% Coca Leaf Alcohol. A premium Herbal liqueur

Agwa coca leaf

A Botanical Coca leaf Liquor with vibrant South American flair.

A Blend of 39 stunning botanicals including Ginger, Sicilian Blood Orange and Red Galanga

Discover a 55.5% 111 Proof Premium and Exclusive Coca Leaf Alcohol

Discover a 22% French Foritied Peruvian Coca Leaf Alcohol. The Original Taste of 1863

Discover a 24% Rose Petal and Pink Lychee Liqueur

Agwa XO

Coca de cartel

Discover a small batch limited edition premium rum infused coca leaf alcohol

Natural Fruit Alcohol

Discover a 15% Handcrafted Natural Fruit Alcohol. Discover the Selection. Can you handle the fruit?

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Discover a Low 15% Botanical Pink Grapefruit and Juniper Gin.

Singapore sling

The Singapore Sling is an internationally recognised cocktail created at Raffles Hotel in 1915 by bartender Ngiam Tong Boon. Originally created as a lady’s drink and thus the pink hue, it has become a world-renowned cocktail still being mixed in Raffles Hotel.