Agwa Coca Blue

Coca leaf libertad


A limited Edition Premium Coca Leaf Liqueur.

Each year only one exclusive vintage is Chill Distilled From the rarest New Growth High Altitude Coca Leaves.

Radical blue Reserved for the few!

High Percentage

Coca Leaf Alcohol 55% ABV


Hand Selected Above 2000 Metres from Bolivias rarest new growth high altitude coca leaves. Its captivating Inca blue Colour is inspired by the ancient royal Inca Blue and the rare blue feather from the bird of paradise. It is a natural by-product of a once in a life time truly artisanal handcrafting technique.

This Smooth and most rare liqueur is define by its south American origins. It is to be cherished for its distinctive provenance and alluring signature palate. At 55% this premium alcohol is explicitly for the brave only!

Each year we release only one vintage batch of COCABLUE, each bottle is recorded, numbered and signed by our master blender.


Exclusive liquor brand

The pure coca leaf distillate is rested before the remaining 36 herbs & botanicals are blended.

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