Agwa Diablo

Coca leaf libertad

A Botanical Coca leaf Liquor with vibrant South American flair.

A Blend of 39 stunning botanicals including Ginger, Sicilian Blood Orange and Red Galanga.


Herbal Liqueur


A highly versatile alcohol ingredient there is a slight musk aroma overtone with elements of dried fruit. The flavour is bittersweet, originally spikey on the tongue but quickly settling into peppery notes that last. It is overall a gentle extract with a bitterness bite. The bitterness and raw pepper sensation the reasons the coca leaf has always been partnered with layers of dominating flavours.

AGWA’s coca leaf flavour infused with over 36 botanicals makes it a unique flavour ingredient when stirring up your next batch of home-made cocktails. Combining great with easy to make cocktails, tropical cocktails and simple yet delicious pours, any aspiring mixologist and or home bartender can play mix and match various cocktail ideas with our versatile flavour profile.


Coca leaf liqueur

The pure coca leaf distillate is rested before the remaining 36 herbs & botanicals are blended.

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