Mickey Ginn

A low percentage
gin styled alcohol

A Handcrafted Botanical Gin Style Liquor of Pink Grapefruit and Juniper from the Mickey Finn Liquor Company. Mickey Ginn Gin Style Liquor has been designed to enjoy with Tonic or mixed as a Spritzer. If your looking or prefer a low % Gin Styled Alcohol look no further. A Light Crisp Taste with Half the calories of standard Gin and a third off the Alcohol of Premium Ginn. Mickey Ginn is the perfect replacement for those who prefer something lighter. Less Alcohol = Fewer Calories = Fewer Hangovers.

Drink Lighter…

…Drink Longer


Low percentage gin

Between 1896 and 1903 the lone star & Palm Garden Saloon in Chicagos Southsie Served a Gin Liquor Mixed with Fruit called Mickey Gin. The Gin Style Liquor was Named after the owner Mickey FinnThe perfect balance of citrus and aromatic flavours. Characterised by 9 classic gin botanicals including juniper berries, citrus peels, & angelica, individually distilled in small batches.



Gin Styled Alcohol

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